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What is Chiropractic?

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic is not just about neck pain, back pain, or headaches. Chiropractic is great for pain relief but that is not the primary focus of it. Chiropractic deals with the restoration of health through a properly functioning nervous system. The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and a vast network of nerves that runs throughout the body. This system controls the function of everything in our body!

Corporate Wellness

Let’s face it, we live in a stressful world! For many of us it’s sitting 8 hours at a desk staring at a screen with less than ideal posture and ergonomics. For others it’s bending, twisting, and lifting heavy objects all day, many times with less than ideal form.We are constantly exposed to things in the workplace that negatively impact our health. A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that sitting for long periods of time is a risk factor for early death of any cause.

Dr. Matthew Delgado

Lifespring Chiropractic
Pain sucks! As a 15 year old, I had horrible headaches. The headaches affected everything from my social life to my concentration in school. After taking over the counter medication for a year with no lasting relief, I decided to try this weird thing called “chiropractic.” I was a skeptic and probably wouldn’t have trusted this “doctor” of chiropractic if it weren’t my uncle. Even with all the skepticism and doubt in my mind, after one adjustment to my neck, I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor. It was the first time in over a year that the pressure in my head was gone! Through months of being a chiropractic patient, I fell even more in love with this new profession that I had discovered. The thing that I was most inspired by was the natural way of life chiropractors lived their lives by.

Dr. Scott Mitchell

Lifespring Chiropractic
Dr. Mitchell grew up in Boston, MA under the medical model. When he was sick, he was given drugs. When he got hurt, he went straight to the hospital. He grew up in an environment that focused on the removal of symptoms, rather than the discovery of the cause. This led him to pursue a bachelors degree in Medical Biology from the University of New England. The majority of his colleagues went on to become physicians and pharmacists, but not Dr. Mitchell. He found himself questioning almost everything he was learning about medicine. Questions about the body’s innate ability to heal on its own.

Companies I’ve worked with


  • “Dr. Matt is incredibly knowledgable, approachable, and passionate about chiropractic care and his patients. I have been to several chiropractors that pop your back and neck, and then they send you on your way. That is not the experience I had with Dr. Matt. He was able to identify and explain problems I had been having for years without me describing every little ache and pain. He took the time to explain what needs improvement, why, and how I can be the healthiest version of myself. If you have never been to a chiropractor before or are looking for the best, then look no further- go see Dr. Matt!​”

    Melanie U

  • “Dr. Matt has helped me a lot. When I started visiting Dr. Matt 8 months ago, I had constant numbness in my hands, and the muscles in my forearms were locked up from desk work. I also had neck, knee, and lower back pain. Dr. Matt adjusted my neck and elbows and did muscle work on my forearms, and as a result, the numbness in my hands and the pain and tension in my forearms completely dissipated over four months. The neck pain dissipated within three months. He adjusted my ankles and feet, which completely resolved the knee pain I was experiencing. (In the past, my ankles and feet had been sprained twice on each side.) He adjusted my pelvis every session and taught me exercises to strengthen my lower back, so my lower back pain went away. He also taught me exercises and stretches for each of my problem areas–feet, ankles, forearms, and lower back–which strengthen the relevant muscles, keep the bones in the right place, and prevent tension build up. I still do those regularly to keep the muscles strong. A bonus I experienced about 3 months into treatment: I started sleeping through every night. You’ve got to visit Dr. Matt. If you have any unexplained aches and pains that no one has ever been able to resolve for you, you need to see Dr. Matt. You will probably walk out of his office feeling like a brand new person. You need to give him a try.​”

    Adia M

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