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Do we accept insurance?

We accept cash, credit, or HSA/FSA cards. Upon request, we can provide you with an itemized superbill for you to submit for reimbursement from your insurance provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our patients do their online research when seeking chiropractic solutions. Here we have gathered the most common questions our patients ask.

Chiropractic care is an alternative medicine that manipulates the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. A chiropractor will help ease pain, identify the cause of its occurrence, and prescribe a treatment plan to ensure lasting results.

But, chiropractic care isn’t all about the spine; it’s about the holistic approach to treatment. This approach assumes that body, mind, and spirit are equally essential to maintain health and wellness. So, for example, doctors may recommend lifestyle changes and stress-reduction techniques with spinal adjustments.

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Chiropractic care aims at improving your musculoskeletal health. Restoring the proper alignment in musculoskeletal structure positively impacts the whole body. Here are the key benefits of chiropractic care:

  • Alleviating pain, inflammation, and discomfort 
  • Helping with headaches and migraines 
  • Improving blood circulation 
  • Enhancing balance and coordination
  • Improving the immune function 
  • Having a healthier pregnancy 
  • Addressing the underlying cause of problems rather than dealing with symptoms 
  • Improving health and overall well-being 

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Spinal misalignments, or “vertebral subluxations,” are the irregular mobility or shifting of the bones in the spine. These misalignments may result in a wide range of symptoms – pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, limited range of motion, and more. 

Vertebral subluxations occur due to a variety of reasons. Here are the common factors that provoke spinal misalignments:

  • Injuries
  • Repetitive motion
  • Falls
  • Poor posture
  • Growth irregularities 
  • Improper sleeping position
  • Poor diet

The good news is that spinal misalignments respond well to chiropractic techniques. So if you are dealing with vertebral subluxations, start seeing a chiropractor today. Schedule your first visit here.

A chiropractic adjustment is a therapeutic procedure performed by a licensed chiropractor. During this procedure, a doctor applies a controlled force to manipulate joints in the spine. A chiropractor can perform an adjustment manually or use special instruments and equipment (such as a drop table or activator).

Chiropractic adjustments help achieve the following:

  • Correct spinal misalignments
  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce pressure on nerves

As a result, your body’s physical function improves, and you get the desired relief from pain and discomfort.

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Doctors of chiropractic undergo extensive training. A typical applicant to a chiropractic school has four years of pre-medical education. Studying at a chiropractic school involves four to five academic years. During these studies, they spend a solid portion of time in clinical training. So, when a specialist graduates with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, they have at least four years of education.

To open practice, a doctor of chiropractic should pass national board examinations and obtain licensure. The US regulations require chiropractors to undergo continuous education. As a result, many of them apply for post-graduate diploma programs.

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The goal of chiropractic treatment is to ensure the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure. As a preventive treatment, chiropractic deals with the underlying causes of problems rather than the symptoms. So, restoring the optimal physical function of the body results in improved health and overall well-being. 

A wide range of neuro-musculoskeletal issues responds well to chiropractic treatment. Here are the most common ones:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Car accident injuries
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Sports injuries
  • Tech neck
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) issues

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Expecting moms are going through numerous physiological and endocrinological changes during their pregnancy. These changes often result in spinal and joint misalignments that respond well to chiropractic care. In addition, restoring the proper spinal alignment helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy-related conditions.


There are no contraindications to seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy. Our chiropractors are trained in pregnancy-specific issues and use chiropractic techniques such as the Webster technique to address the individual. Receiving regular chiropractic care helps maintain a healthier pregnancy.


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Chiropractic care is suitable for people of all ages, and kids are no exception. The treatment sessions for children are safe and painless. Professional chiropractors are willingly seeing newborn babies. Most parents of infants note specific positive changes after chiropractic sessions:

  • Reduced colic symptoms
  • Enhanced sleep patterns
  • Improved immune system
  • Reduced risk of ear infection

As kids are growing, they may experience nerve irritations or vertebral subluxations. Chiropractic adjustments help promote steady development and improve the overall well-being of children.

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As a rule, chiropractic adjustments involve no pain. But if you cannot relax, resist the adjustment, or involuntarily stiffen, you may feel a small portion of discomfort.

During an adjustment, you may hear a popping sound. It happens because these small pockets of gas released from the joints produce it. Though some patients don’t hear that sound, it’s OK to hear it, so there’s no need to worry about something going wrong.

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Your first visit to a doctor of chiropractic will start with an examination. First, a chiropractor will gather your history to understand your conditions and healthcare goals. Next, a doctor will assess your muscle strength and tone, as well as the motion of the affected body parts. In some instances, a chiropractor may ask you to take an x-ray.

Based on your history and physical examination, a doctor will come up with a diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan.

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Professional chiropractors develop a treatment plan based on a patient’s conditions and health goals. So, the number of visits recommended to each patient will vary.

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Wondering when to stop chiropractic treatment? The duration depends on the patient’s condition. When you start chiropractic treatment, it is common to see a doctor multiple times a week. However, as you get relief from the unwanted conditions, the frequency of visits may reduce to once a week. 

Once you are finally pain-free but still wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s good to visit a chiropractor once or twice a month for maintenance care. The frequency of maintenance depends on lifestyle factors like computer time, stress, and daily movement.

If you are willing to enjoy the health benefits of chiropractic care, schedule your first visit to our chiropractic clinic in Austin.

At Lifespring Chiropractic, we approach each of our patients individually. So, we adjust the chiropractic techniques based on a patient’s specific conditions and health goals.

A chiropractor can restore the correct spinal alignment by using different techniques. We prioritize ensuring that the adjustment we make is safe and effective for you. 

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