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A few weeks ago I got a call from a local chiropractor in Austin asking me if I wanted to be a volunteer on medical staff for the professional volleyball tour as it came through town. If you’ve seen my Facebook or Instagram pages, you already know this!

It was an amazing opportunity to work with top notch professional and olympic athletes! It was also really special to be able to work beside some of the best manual therapists and doctors in Austin. We shared techniques, ideas, and thoughts with each other throughout the weekend. There were physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and orthopedists all working together. Imagine if every practitioner in the real world worked as a team like this! What was really cool, is that the athletes couldn’t tell which type of practitioner was working on them (for the most part) because we were all wearing red medical shirts. This is the same mentality I try to use in clinical practice as a chiropractor in Austin. I have a team of people that I refer patients to nearly every day. I commonly refer to local nutritionists, massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, mental health specialists, orthopedists, functional medicine practitioners, and personal trainers. I believe that everyone does best when they are taken care of by a team of practitioners that are all really good at the one thing they do really well!

I also really enjoyed connecting with the athletes at the AVP tournament. I still keep in contact with a few of them through social media. What a great group of people! One of my favorite, most memorable conversations from the weekend was one I had with Phil Dalhausser, one of the worlds best mens volleyball players. We talked about our our life routines, sports, books, and personal development. Thanks Phil for taking the time to inspire a young chiropractor! Also shoutout to Troy Field, Doc Vander Meer, and Eric Zaun (Troy and Doc shown in the photo below). These guys are a few young volleyball studs that are going to do big things in the sport! Check them out on Social Media, as well as their friends at with some awesome gear!

Picture by: Chee Sim