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Dr. Matthew Delgado

Chiropractor, Speaker & Educator

Pain sucks! As a 15 year old, I had horrible headaches. The headaches effected everything from my social life to my concentration in school. After taking over the counter medication for a year with no lasting relief, I decided to try this weird thing called “chiropractic.” I was a skeptic and probably wouldn’t have trusted this “doctor” of chiropractic if it weren’t for my uncle. Even with all the skepticism and doubt in my mind, after one adjustment to my neck, I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor. It was the first time in over a year that the pressure in my head was gone! Through months of being a chiropractic patient, I fell even more in love with this new profession that I had discovered. The thing that I was most inspired by was the natural way of life chiropractors lived their lives by.

After graduating as a Chiropractor in 2016, I moved to Nebraska to work at one of the most prestigious chiropractic clinics in the world. I was doing exactly what I thought I should be doing. I was working 70 hour weeks, learning tons of valuable information, and saving the world one patient at a time. If you’re anything like my dad you can guess where this story is going…I CRASHED!

A high stress lifestyle, along with poor ways to manage the stress, led me to an autoimmune diagnosis of my own. For about a month, I was so sick that I could barely manage to stand up, let alone take a walk around the block. My hair was falling out, I felt weak, and I felt helpless. Despite all odds, I knew the power of my own body to heal and did not give up.

I saw countless doctors and faced challenges while I struggled to find answers. Through quitting my job and establishing my own health routine, I finally managed to heal from the inside out, without the use of any drugs. I used all the advice that I give people to this day to heal. I laid a foundation of good health through regular chiropractic adjustments, eating real food, getting adequate sleep, along with specifics that were unique to my own health challenges. This experience dramatically shaped the way that I practice today; by instilling a belief that there is hope for us all. I firmly believe that everyone has a chance to heal and recover from any diagnosis, just as I did. I have sought to bridge the gaps and challenges in my own healing journey by being a healthcare practitioner who listens. For this reason, I place my greatest value in providing the highest quality of care possible. My commitment to you includes spending however much time it takes to ensure that your questions get answered and that you are taken care of – by my office or by my referral. I found my passion within my profession after seeing the thorough confusion of my clients, one after another, stemming from their previous doctors’ appointments. 

My new passion? Communicating health in a way anyone can understand it! I could easily throw around phrases like “your spondylolisthesis is preventing that movement,” or “it’s the lack of motion of your occiput that’s contributing to the antalgic posture you are presenting with,” and 95% of people would leave more confused than when they came in. For this reason, I have chosen to speak in a way that everyone understands, and to take the time to ensure that it’s crystal clear. Your health matters most, and you should know what is going on! I moved to Austin In October 2017 and started Lifespring Chiropractic. I chose Austin because it reminds me of where I grew up, Bellingham, Washington. It’s an open minded, fun, vibrant, health conscious city. I love this city and enjoy everything is has to offer from the coffee and food scene, to the amazing outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and biking. “Lifespring” is about bringing people more life! I have personally lived through painful times and I understand what it’s like to be suffering and in pain. That’s why my first goal is to get people feeling better and out of pain! Whether it is getting you out of pain, or teaching you prevention and healthy lifestyle habits, let’s connect you to the best life possible! If it is playing tennis, hiking, sitting down to watch a movie for a few hours, or playing with your grandkids, I believe that you should be able to do the things you want to do, without restriction. Lifespring Chiropractic is about establishing a healthy and functional nervous system. We approach this through chiropractic care, along with the necessary lifestyle habits to create the best foundation for optimal health.

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