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Dr. Scott Mitchell


Dr. Mitchell grew up in Boston, MA under the medical model. When he was sick, he was given drugs. When he got hurt, he went straight to the hospital. He grew up in an environment that focused on the removal of symptoms, rather than the discovery of the cause. This led him to pursue a bachelors degree in Medical Biology from the University of New England. The majority of his colleagues went on to become physicians and pharmacists, but not Dr. Mitchell. He found himself questioning almost everything he was learning about medicine. Questions about the body’s innate ability to heal on its own. Questions on why some people develop disease while others don’t. Questions about why the American population continues to get sicker as the number of medications continues to grow. These questions remained unanswered under the medical model and caused Dr. Mitchell to pursue answers elsewhere.

His research and experiences ultimately lead him to the discovery of chiropractic. “FINALLY” he thought. Chiropractic was able to answer his questions about what health truly is. Dr. Mitchell learned that true health is when the body is functioning and healing at 100% and this is done when there is no interference in the nervous system. Dr. Mitchell spent the majority of his time in Chiropractic College mastering the ART of the adjustment while staying up to date with the latest innovations and research chiropractic has to offer. Dr. Mitchell graduated in 2018 with a desire to spread this knowledge to all the people in his community. Dr. Mitchell’s mission is to teach that human potential is nearly limitless, and the best way to unlock this potential is through a fully functioning nervous system.

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