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The four types of headaches that a chiropractor can help you with

Headache is a widespread issue that affects approximately 45 million Americans. Frequent headaches can significantly lower your productivity and affect the quality of your everyday life. There are various kinds of headaches, which differ in both the causes of occurrence and the methods of effective treatment. In this article, we will discover the most common types […]

How chiropractic care improves sports performance

Many of us believe that athletes are always in excellent physical shape and have good health. But is it really so? The level of competition in sports is constantly growing. As a result, the requirements towards an athlete’s performance are increasing. So, training becomes more and more intense. In this article, we’ll look through the […]

Why balance and coordination are so important for healthy living

It is essential to stay fit and exercise regularly. But what does that have to do with balance and coordination? The fact is your balance, which affects your coordination and just about everything else, including your body awareness, is one of the most overlooked aspects of your health. These research findings from the UK’s Medical […]

8 Stress management tips for Austin parents in 2022

Some argue that parenting is a full-time job, requiring love, patience, and attention. Others would point out that it’s not just about being responsible for your kids, but being happy and enjoying the time you spend with your little ones. However, there is one thing all parents can surely agree on – parenting is never […]
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Tips for Golfing with low back pain in Austin

Golf is both an outdoor sport, a hobby, and a reason to socialize with like-minded people. No wonder golf continues to gain popularity around the globe. Unfortunately, there is a common problem among golfers – low back pain. According to researchers, low back pain accounts for between 18% to 54% of all documented golf-related ailments. […]

Standing Desk Pros and Cons

Have you ever wondered how much time we spend sitting? According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, 80% of employees in the United States have physically inactive jobs. Moreover, they continue to lead a sedentary lifestyle even after work: in transport or at home in front of the TV. In general, an average resident of Austin and […]
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Tech Neck: What Are Its Dangers and How Austin Techies Can Prevent It

What Is Tech Neck? Tech neck – our grandparents and parents were not familiar with this concept, but this problem is typical to most representatives of Generation Z. There has even appeared such an expression as “look down generation.” Almost all inhabitants of the earth who don’t take their phones out of their hands might […]
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How to relieve “back-to-work” anxiety after your summer break

Intro Does your anxiety increase with returning to your office in Austin after your summer break? If yes, then don’t be too upset – you are not alone! According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, at least 64% of people suffer from so-called post-holiday blues. Getting back to work after a long break can […]

Flexibility Tips for Any Age

As we age, we are not as flexible as we were when younger. Have you ever wondered why? With increasing age, the soft tissue surrounding our ligaments and muscles thickens, limiting the flexibility or range of motion within the joint. Therefore, for many people, one of the reasons to visit a chiropractor is to help […]

Do I have arthritis?

Arthritis is probably one of the most commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed health concerns I see as a chiropractor in Austin, Texas. Arthritis is an umbrella term that simply means joint inflammation or joint disease.If we have pain in our body, we are quick to label it as “arthritis,” although that is not necessarily a proper […]

Why is my back pain not going away?

As a chiropractor in Austin, Texas I commonly encounter people who have tried almost everything and still not gotten relief for their back pain. It’s become such a common occurrence that I get asked this that I’ve decided to list the top reasons why most people aren’t getting the relief they are so desperately looking […]

3 Tips from an Austin Chiropractor on Muscle Soreness vs. Injury

Sound the Alarm! Is this just muscle soreness, or should I be concerned? Here are 3 tips to help differentiate normal soreness from an injury to be concerned about. If we are asleep at night and our house is burning down, we better hope the alarm goes off! We have a similar alarm system built […]
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Reducing Stress in Coffee Heaven

I hike and ride horses in the mountains of Bogota. I swim in the Caribbean Sea. I stroll the beautiful Spanish colonial city of Cartagena. I stay at a farm where I get to eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown right in front of me! I watch a Colombian World Cup soccer game in a […]

Austin AVP Volunteer Chiropractor

A few weeks ago I got a call from a local chiropractor in Austin asking me if I wanted to be a volunteer on medical staff for the professional volleyball tour as it came through town. If you’ve seen my Facebook or Instagram pages, you already know this! It was an amazing opportunity to work […]