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You probably remember those boring health lectures you had to listen to back in high school. You may even think I look like I just graduated from high school myself. Well, this is definitely not one of those boring high school health lectures! Yes, I am young. I’m a proud millennial! I tend to be a little less formal because of it. I even go by Dr. Matt instead of Dr. Delgado. I enjoy keeping health fun and interesting! All topics are listed below and last anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour based on preference and budget. All the talks are very interactive and can include a chiropractic demonstration upon request.

1. Why we get stressed talking about stress

Stress is the number one killer in our country! It is responsible, or related to, almost every disease we encounter. It is almost impossible to avoid stress, especially with the lifestyles we have today! We typically do really well handling major stress in our life such as an injury or a breakup. It’s the little things that we tend to neglect and also feel the most uncomfortable talking about. These little things are what turn into big things over a period of years. The hard part is knowing how to recognize the little stressors we face. In this foundational health talk, you will learn the basics to creating a more healthy life starting today! In this talk, you will definitely see me laugh many times and may even see me cry when I share some pieces of my own health crisis. This feel good talk leaves me energized and feeling great! My goal is to leave you feeling the same!

In this talk you will learn:

2. The Social Media Posture

Social media and the use of technology has created a postural epidemic! In my office we call this tech neck or text next! Another saying we use is, “sitting is the new smoking.” Learn why we use these phrases and how posture is killing our spines in the talk. According to the American Journal of Pain Management, “Posture affects and moderates every physiological function from breathing to hormonal production.” Hear from a Millenial doctor why we should start being more aware of our posture, especially when using technology. Proper posture is not only a “sexy” thing but also important for the wellbeing of the body overall.

In this talk you will learn:

3. Priming the nervous system for athletic performance

We all know that athletic performance is a game of optimal function. What does every muscle need to work? A signal from the nerve! The brain and the spinal cord (the nervous system) controls and coordinates the function of everything in our body including the muscles. Almost every professional athlete sees a chiropractor regularly and understands how a properly functioning nervous system is vital to athletic performance. I’ve worked with professional athletes and have worked at athletic events such as the AVP beach volleyball tour. I use the same principles and techniques that I use with professional athletes at your workplace in this talk!

In this talk you will learn:

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Dr. Matt Delgado is a wonderful health provider. I met him when he provided a wonderful lunch and learn to Salesforce employees in Austin in which he spoke about improving overall health. He gave us pointers on every day things everyone could be doing to improve his/her health and how every day habits affect the central nervous system. He was great at answering questions and providing actionable tips.
Susie Turk
Our office hosted an employee wellness lunch and we were lucky to have Dr. Matt as our guest speaker. He did a fantastic job! He exudes energy and passion about his profession and was very articulate. The information presented was extremely relevant in today’s society of sickness and disease. Thank you Dr. Matt! We enjoyed having you!
Amy Gleichowski