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Reducing Stress in Coffee Heaven

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I hike and ride horses in the mountains of Bogota. I swim in the Caribbean Sea. I stroll the beautiful Spanish colonial city of Cartagena. I stay at a farm where I get to eat fresh fruits and vegetables grown right in front of me! I watch a Colombian World Cup soccer game in a restaurant full of locals. I do not answer one email or text. This is heaven for me! This is how I spent the past week, in heaven!

What does heaven look like for you?

I don’t ask this to be morbid. See I already had one foot in the grave. Well, “Graves Disease”, an autoimmune thyroid condition. Oh yeah, the farm I mentioned was a coffee farm, where I got to drink the most delicious, fresh coffee daily.

It never ends. We wake up in the morning to answer emails as we drink our coffee.   We meet late after work to attend community work events. We stay up finishing paperwork or working on projects until midnight. It seems like there is not enough time in the day, no matter what! This is not only my life, but the life of many others! Does it feel a bit like yours?

As a young business owner, it is difficult to find balance. There’s always work to get done. There is never enough time to sleep, let alone spend time with friends or family as much as we’d like. The work/life balance seems impossible.

Stressed Much?

Working can be so rewarding but it also creates a lot of stress. Stress is the cause of almost all disease as we know it. I preach this message time and time again in my office, yet I find it challenging to live by my own words. 

When I first nursed myself back to good health, I vowed to care for my body like never before. I work hard to take a vacation or a true break from work every 3 months, no matter the circumstances. 

For me, the best way to get a true “reset” or “detox” on life itself, is to travel and completely step away from work. It feels like a little bit of heaven. I had the opportunity to spend this past week in the beautiful country of Colombia. What an amazing trip! Talk about a way to reignite the passion for life and energize the soul!

I’ve returned home feeling full of life and energy, ready to be even more productive than before. Often times I worry about stepping away from work, even for a few days. After returning feeling more full of life and passion, I never end up regretting it. Taking a break from work is a great way to invest in our mental health.

One of the best decisions I made in life was to reinvest in my own health, before I ended up in the grave. Why do so many people wait until they get that health scare? We all have the ability to invest in our health at any moment. Most of us wait until both feet are in the grave to make a healthy choice in life.   It’s never too early or too late to invest in your health, to invest in your life!

Would you like to sip a little bit of my heaven in my office with me?