Knee Chiropractic in Austin, TX

We see many people every day that initially come into our office for knee pain. However, what we have come to realize, is that the majority of the time the knee is not the cause of the knee pain! This is why we always do a thorough evaluation to discover exactly what is causing knee problems.

Common Knee Conditions We See:

Can a chiropractor help with knee pain?

Yes chiropractors can help you with your knee pain. The majority of times, the knee is compensating for other issues in the body (normally the pelvis or feet/ankles) and the result is knee pain. By correcting all misalignments in your body, not only does your knee pain lessen, but it is less likely to reoccur in the future. If you’ve been suffering with knee pain, please be sure to set up your first visit with one of our doctors today! 

Knee Arthritis

A chiropractor can absolutely help with knee arthritis. In simpler terms, arthritis basically means inflammation in a joint. Oftentimes, this inflammation is due to improper movements of these joints because of misalignments. By correcting the alignment of  your knee and improving your movement patterns, the inflammation is able to be flushed out and most importantly the inflammation is less likely to come back in the future. If you feel like your knee is inflamed or are suffering from knee arthritis, be sure to schedule your first visit with one of our doctors today!

Can you get your knee adjusted?

Yes you can get your knee adjusted. Chiropractors are trained to adjust all joints of the body, the knee included. However, there are several different ways to adjust the knee depending on what is wrong with the knee. Not to mention there are several muscles, bones, and ligaments to consider. This is why we are trained to perform physical exams, neurologic exams, and orthopedic exams to discover exactly how the knee is misaligned and why the symptom is presenting how it is. 

From here we can then perform correct adjustments to the knee to restore proper movement and function. In fact, here is a video of how we gently adjust one of our patient’s knees due to a chronic knee problem she has suffered with from years of cycling nearly every day.

How do you realign your knee?

In order to realign your knee, it is important to first perform a proper exam to see exactly how the knee is misaligned. Once we discover exactly how the knee is misaligned, we can then confidently realign the knee using a variety of chiropractic techniques. Most commonly, we use an extremely gentle technique that realigns the knee to restore proper movement and function. In fact, here is a video of how we gently adjust one of our patient’s knees ( ) so you can have a better idea of how safe and effective chiropractic knee adjustments truly are.

Can being out of alignment cause knee pain?

When any joint of the body is misaligned, one of the most common signs we see are improper movement and pain. Pain occurs due to the stimulation of nociceptors (pain receptors) found in the joints and inflammation that floods the joint. The knee is no exception. If your knee is misaligned it is most likely not moving correctly and inflamed. 

This is why we highly recommend getting your knee checked and corrected sooner than later so you are less likely to develop bad movement habits that can cause the healing process to take longer. If you’ve been experiencing knee pain, then there is no need to wait any longer. Schedule with one of our doctors today!

Can a chiropractor crack your knee?

A chiropractor can adjust your knee and the adjustment can on occasion create a “crack” sound. As chiropractors, we do not necessarily focus entirely on creating a “crack” or “pop” sound when we adjust. The crack or pop sound that can be heard is simply a change in pressure being released from the joint. Much like the cork being popped off of a wine bottle. However, if there is no pressure or gas trapped in the joint, then the joint will not make a pop sound when an adjustment is performed. 

This is why we prefer to focus on other signs to confirm that a proper adjustment is performed. These signs include proper motion, decrease in pain, correct alignment, proper muscle tone, etc. When these signs are in order, we know that we correctly adjusted the knee regardless of a “crack” sound. However, if you feel like your knee needs to be cracked, then that means that you most likely have a misalignment that is creating pressure in this joint. If you have this feeling, be sure to schedule your first appointment with one of our doctors today!

How long can it take to correct knock knees with exercise?

Knock knees is a condition found in both adults and children where the knees bend inwards to nearly touch each other when standing up straight. Depending on the severity of the condition and the age of the patient, the correction can take longer or shorter than other cases. Regardless, we recommend more than just exercise to correct any improper movement of the knees. 

Just like with any condition, when you combine both exercise and chiropractic for treatment, the outcome is dramatically improved. Not to mention, if you ignore improper movements and misalignments, they will continue to worsen which makes it more difficult and longer to correct. If you’ve been experiencing knock knees, be sure to schedule your first visit with one of our doctors today!

Popping Your Knee Yourself

Popping your knee yourself or popping any joint in your body yourself is not recommended. If you feel like you need to pop your knee yourself, then you most likely have a misaligned knee that is creating lots of pressure to build up in the joint space. This is why you should get properly evaluated by a chiropractor, so he/she can conduct the proper adjustment to release that pressure safely and correctly. So if you feel like you need to pop your knee yourself, be sure to schedule your first visit with one of our doctors today!

Fixing a Misaligned Kneecap

A misaligned kneecap is more so due to improper tracking of the kneecap. Improper tracking of the kneecap is due to muscles not performing correctly in response to misalignments in either the hip, knee, ankle, or a combination of all three. When you correct all misalignments, then the muscles will begin to work correctly and the kneecap will begin to track (move) correctly as well. If you’ve noticed that your kneecap isn’t moving correctly or is even painful, then be sure to schedule your first visit with one of our doctors today!

Can chiropractors help with torn knee ligaments?

There are several severities of torn ligaments. If a ligament is completely torn, then it will require a surgical approach. If a ligament is only slightly torn, we still recommend consulting with a medical professional first to detect the severity. We have worked with several patients with torn ligaments in the knee because as these ligaments heal, we want to ensure that they heal correctly without any hard to the integrity and alignment of the knee. 

If you’ve torn a ligament in your knee and you feel like something is still not feeling/looking right, then be sure to schedule your first visit with one of our doctors today, so we can complete a full examination and determine exactly what is needed to correct the alignment of your knee!