Posture Correction Chiropractic in Austin, TX

man receives a back evaluation from an Austin chiropractor

Bad posture can occur for a variety of reasons.

The most common one is daily improper repetitive motions, causing your body to feel stuck in incorrect positions.

Such positions can include:

You may be wondering: are standing desks good for posture? Here are the potential health benefits of using a standing desk:

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Can a chiropractor restore your good posture?

Chiropractors know for sure how to fix bad posture. Here in Austin TX, we can detect and fix misalignments in your body by performing the necessary chiropractic adjustments. Properly aligned vertebrae in your spine ensure your body’s ability to move. As a result, your posture improves. 

Without correcting the misalignments in your spine, it is extremely difficult to improve your posture. Spinal misalignments may lead to improper movement and even joint degeneration. So, the properly aligned vertebrae are a must to proceed with a long-term posture improvement. You may want to reach out to us for scoliosis chiropractic in Austin.

The treatment plan from our chiropractor will also include daily exercises to prevent the bad posture from returning. 

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How long does it take to reverse bad posture?

Wondering how long it takes to restore a good posture? There are several factors to consider:

  • The severity of your bad posture
  • How long your posture has been bad
  • The daily activities you do that either negatively or positively impact your bad posture.

To successfully implement a treatment plan, your motivation and discipline to correct your posture are a must. Follow carefully what our chiropractors prescribe and watch your posture improve drastically faster.

Check this video to see how the patient’s posture was corrected in just one month!

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Getting Rid of a Neck Hump

A common request from our patients is to help them get rid of their neck hump. A neck hump occurs in the upper back when one pushes their head too forward for extended periods. As your head continues to move forward, it puts extra tension and strain on the upper back area. This added strain causes the muscles to tighten up and even pull the spine backward out of alignment. As this condition progresses, there is more pressure on your spine. To protect your spine from the increased load on it, your body develops fatty tissue at the bottom of your neck. 

Ignoring a neck hump occurrence may lead to scar tissue and degeneration, which makes it a long process to correct. So, if you have a neck hump, it is extremely important to schedule your first visit with one of our doctors of chiropractic today!

Can a chiropractor fix a forward head?

In chiropractic, we have a term we use for patients suffering from the forward head posture. We call this “tech neck.” Forward head posture is among the conditions we treat in our office with chiropractic adjustments. With the latest advances in technology, forward head posture has become a widespread complaint. Prerequisites for this disease include sitting at a computer screen for hours a day and looking down at your cell phone nonstop. 

There’s a term in science called “Wolff’s Law”. It states that bones adapt and remodel due to stresses placed upon them. In other words, if you don’t treat your forward head posture, it will progressively get worse over time, making it more difficult to fix. The most detrimental aspect of the forward head posture is the amount of tension placed on the spinal cord. Tension on the spinal cord disrupts the messaging between the brain and the body, leading to a variety of symptoms. 

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Do chiropractors recommend posture correctors?

Yes and no. As chiropractic care professionals, we believe that the alignment of your spine and pelvis is a must when correcting your posture. Your spine is your foundation and your pelvis is your base. In case of misalignments in either of these areas, your body will create compensations leading to bad posture. By correcting your spine and pelvis first, it will be a lot easier and quicker to fix your posture. 

So, if you rely solely on posture correction equipment, you won’t get the desired results. Once you stop using the posture correctors, your body will more than likely go back to the same poor posture or even worse posture. This is because your body will begin to rely on the posture correctors to maintain proper posture. 

Posture correctors do not address the root cause of the problem. Usually the root cause of poor posture is an unhealthy spine. Our chiropractors work to create a strong healthy spine that can support a good posture. We do this through spinal adjustments and specific postural corrective exercises tailored to the individual. Forcing an unhealthy spine into the ideal posture for long periods can actually create more harm than good. For this reason, we do not recommend using a posture correction device without consulting your chiropractor first.

The good news is that chiropractic care not only corrects your structure. It also teaches your brain to hold the proper posture and move in the proper plane of motion. Check out this YouTube Video of us addressing a patient’s bad posture. To schedule an appointment to discover the root cause of your pain click here.

Fixing Rounded Shoulders

A chiropractor knows how to fix rounded shoulders. The most common reason for this condition is an improper posture with a forward head throughout the day. This can cause tightness in your pectoral muscles, which will eventually make matters worse. Rounded shoulders can cause the following symptoms:

Chiropractors not only address the muscle imbalances created from rounded shoulders. We also evaluate and correct your spine and ribcage structure to help your shoulders go back to where they should be! 

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