Posture Correction Chiropractic in Austin, TX

Bad posture can occur from a variety of different things. The most common reason you may be experiencing bad posture is due to daily improper repetitive motions that are causing your body to feel stuck in positions that are not correct. This can include:

Can a chiropractor fix bad posture?

Chiropractors are well known for fixing bad posture. The can detect and correct misalignments in your body, which improves your body’s ability to move and leads to improvement in your posture. It is extremely difficult to improve your posture without addressing the misalignments created in your spine first. This is because misalignments lead to improper movement and even joint degeneration. Once the misalignments are corrected and the chiropractor evaluates your posture, we can then make long term improvements in your overall posture and even teach you daily approaches to practice to avoid the bad posture from returning. If you believe you are suffering from bad posture, be sure to schedule your first visit with one of our doctors today!

How long does it take to reverse bad posture?

There are several factors to consider when asking how long it takes to reverse bad posture.

These factors include:

  • The severity of your bad posture
  • How long your posture has been bad
  • The daily activities you do that either negatively or positively impact your bad posture.

One thing for sure is that if you are motivated and disciplined to correct your posture, then it will improve drastically faster when you incorporate chiropractic into your health regimen.

The best way to get a true answer for how long it will take for you to reverse your bad posture is by scheduling your first visit with one of our doctors today!

Getting Rid of a Neck Hump

We have had several patients request treatment to help get rid of their neck hump. This neck hump is found at the articulation between the bottom of your neck and the top of your back when your head is pushed too far forward for an extended period of time. According to basic physics, as your head continues to move forward, it puts extra tension and strain on the area we just described. This added strain causes the muscles to tighten up and even pull the spine backwards out of alignment. As this condition progresses, so does the amount the spine is pulled back. When the spine is pulled back enough it starts to present as a neck hump. If this is not addressed as soon as possible, scar tissue and degeneration will occur, which makes it a longer process to correct. This is why if you have a neck hump, it is extremely important to schedule your first visit with one of our doctors today!

Can a chiropractor fix a forward head?

In chiropractic, we have a term that we use for somebody suffering with forward head posture. We call this “tech neck.” Forward head posture is one of the most common conditions we treat in our office. The biggest reason we are seeing forward head posture on a more regular basis is due to advances in technology. This includes sitting at a computer screen for hours a day and looking down at your cell phone nonstop. There’s a term in science called “Wolff’s Law” that states that bones adapt and remodel due to stresses placed upon them. This means that if your forward head posture is not treated, then it will progressively get worse over time and make it more difficult to correct. The most detrimental aspect to forward head posture is the amount of tension placed on the spinal cord. Tension on the spinal cord disrupts the messaging between the brain and the body, which can lead to a variety of symptoms. This is why we stress that if you are suffering with forward head posture (especially as a child) that you get this addressed as soon as possible with one of our doctors!

Do chiropractors recommend posture correctors?

Yes and no. As a chiropractor, we understand that the number one most important factor to correcting your posture is the alignment of your spine and pelvis. Your spine is your foundation and your pelvis is your base. If either of these areas are misaligned, then your body will create compensations that will lead to bad posture. By correcting your spine and pelvis first, it will be a lot easier and quicker to correct your posture. With that being said, if you rely solely on posture correctors to correct your posture, then you will be disappointed. This is because the moment you stop using the posture correctors, your body will more than likely go back to the same bad posture or even worse posture. This is because your body will begin to rely on the posture correctors to maintain proper posture. 

However, chiropractic not only corrects your structure, but it also teaches your brain to hold the proper posture and move in the proper plane of motion. In fact, check out this YouTube Video of us addressing one of our patient’s bad posture. To schedule an appointment to discover the root cause of your pain click here.

Fixing Rounded Shoulders

Chiropractors are well known for helping to fix rounded shoulders. The most common reason you may be experiencing rounded shoulders is due to improper posture with a forward head throughout the day. This can cause tightness in your pectoral muscles, which will eventually make matters worse. Rounded shoulders can cause shortness of breath, decrease range of motion in your neck and shoulders, headaches, and even heart conditions. Chiropractors not only address the muscle imbalances created from rounded shoulders, but we also evaluate and correct the structure of your spine and ribcage to help your shoulders go back to where they should be! Be sure to schedule your visit with one of our doctors today so we can start unrounded your shoulders NOW before this condition worsens!