Shoulder Chiropractic in Austin, TX

If you’ve been suffering from shoulder pain, the best way to make sure that the cause of this pain is corrected is by seeing a chiropractor!

Do chiropractors work on shoulders?

Yes chiropractors work on shoulders. Shoulders are one of the most complex joints in the body because of its wide range of motion and versatility. This often leads to several shoulder issues.

Common ways shoulder problems develop are:

If shoulder pain is not addressed as soon as possible, then it is very likely that the problem will continue to worsen until surgery or other invasive procedures are suggested. This is why, as chiropractors, we do a full examination of the shoulder to see exactly what is wrong and what needs to be done to correct it. Schedule your first visit with one of our doctors today!

Common Shoulder Conditions We See

Are chiropractors good at treating shoulder pain?

Chiropractors are good for shoulder pain. Since the shoulder is such a complex joint, it requires extra work by the chiropractor to see exactly what is going on. What we have realized is that many shoulder pain concerns are actually due to issues in the neck and rib cage. This is why it is vital to get your shoulder checked by a chiropractor to insure that the actual cause is being addressed and not just the symptom. 

When the cause is corrected, the symptoms not only lessens, but it is much less likely to return. To help ensure the shoulder pain does not return, chiropractors are trained to teach you at home strategies that are designed to prevent shoulder pain. These include:

Arm Pain

Chiropractic can absolutely help with shoulder and arm pain. The nerves that control the movement and feeling of the shoulder and arm originate from the neck. Misalignments in the neck are one of the most common reasons for shoulder pain. Other areas that lead to shoulder pain when they are misaligned are the ribs, clavicle (collarbone), humerus, and scapula. Misalignments in these areas are often missed by professionals that are solely focused on resolving the symptom. 

As chiropractors, we are trained to not only focus on lessening your shoulder pain, but we are also trained to correct all issues that may be leading to your shoulder pain to ensure that it does not return. If you’ve tried “everything” to fix your shoulder pain with no luck, then it is time to schedule your first visit with one of our doctors today!

How are Shoulders Adjusted?

Chiropractors are trained to adjust every joint in the body. This includes all the joints that can lead to shoulder pain (that’s right, it is not only the shoulder that can lead to shoulder pain). First, we perform a physical exam, neurologic exam, and even muscle testing to find exactly what is causing the shoulder pain. 

We then adjust any misaligned joints to allow the shoulder to function properly again without any pain. This may include adjustments or the humeral joint, AC joint, ribs, neck, clavicle, etc. We may even perform muscle work to the muscles of the shoulder to make sure they move correctly without any hassle. In fact, click the link to our youtube video showing how we adjust the shoulder of a former professional tennis player