Sports Chiropractic in Austin, TX

What do athletes seek in sports medicine? Here are the common goals of individuals practicing different sports:

Sports chiropractic care is the branch that targets athletes. It helps them recover from injury and improve their neuromusculoskeletal system functioning.

At Lifespring Chiropractic, we provide various treatments to help athletes obtain optimal health. We work with athletes of different specializations, proficiency levels, and ages.

Sports-related injuries respond well to chiropractic treatment. Suffering from knee pain, lower back pain, neck pain, or a golfer’s elbow? We’ve got you covered!

Chiropractic care is good for rehabilitation from an injury and for avoiding unwanted conditions. Don’t wait until your health issues arise! Athletes who get regular chiropractic care perform at peak levels and are less prone to injury.Start seeing a professional sports chiropractor in Austin, TX, today! Click here to schedule your first visit.

What Types of Injuries Can a Sports Chiropractor Treat?

An athlete’s body is often under heavy stress, especially during periods of intense training. Are you a professional athlete, or just a weekend warrior who likes to run a couple of miles here and there? Seeing an athlete chiropractor is beneficial for everyone who has physical activity. This kind of sports medicine can help achieve different health and wellness goals.

Our patients experience faster recovery from a sports injury and better athletic performance. Besides, improved adaptability and flexibility help them prevent injuries in the future. Our chiropractors discover the root cause of the problem and propose the optimal treatment plan to their patients.

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Common chiropractic sports injuries we see in our patients:

What do sports chiropractors do?

Sports chiropractic is a subspecialty within the chiropractic profession. This area of specialization involves education beyond the standard Doctor of Chiropractic degree. To be an athlete chiropractor, a doctor should have additional sport-specific qualifications. They need to know specific conditions that athletes of different specializations may experience. A sports injury chiropractor primarily works with the spine. At the same time, this specialist has a deep understanding of how the extremities interact with movement. 

As a preventive ‌treatment, sports chiropractic goes well beyond symptoms an individual might have. It focuses on getting the body to function and move the best way possible. Better movement means better performance.

Just a few examples of better movement achieved: 

  • The foot starts to move better, leading to improved gait
  • Better movement of the mid-back allows more rotation

So, motion is the name of the game in athletics! Don’t just take our word for it! See a sports chiropractic adjustment in action on our ​YouTube channel.

What Does Chiropractic Treatment for Athletes Involve?

Athletes in Austin reach out to chiropractors for a variety of reasons. Sports overuse injuries happen quite often. Failure to warm the muscles up before a workout may also lead to unwanted conditions.

Often, patients experience either acute or chronic back and neck pain caused by spinal misalignments. These conditions respond well to chiropractic treatment. 

Here at Lifespring Chiropractic, we treat each patient individually. Through advanced chiropractic techniques, our doctors help athletes with their specific needs:

Your first visit to a sports injury chiropractor will start with an examination. Based on this examination and your specific needs, a doctor will come up with an individual treatment plan. 

Chiropractic adjustments are the common treatments we are using to restore the proper alignment in your spine. These manipulations help achieve the following:

Our doctors always consider the individual conditions and age of each patient. Whenever needed, they adapt this procedure accordingly. Our athlete chiropractor may also give you advice on exercise, diet, or physical therapy.

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How Chiropractic Improves Sports Performance

As sports chiropractors, we check the whole body to ensure it is in the correct alignment. To get the spine back to proper alignment, we perform joint manipulation. To manipulate joints, our doctors use either their hands or special instruments. 

Unlike surgery, chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive and don’t cause any discomfort. As a drug-free treatment, spinal manipulation doesn’t cause any side effects. Our patients often feel relief from their symptoms (back pain, golfer’s elbow, etc.) after their first visit to a chiropractor!

Correct joint alignment is crucial to maintaining an ideal nerve supply to the muscles and surrounding areas. This translates to ideal muscle activation and ideal joint motion. Better motion and muscle activation contribute to improved speed or power. As a result, athletes can perform at peak levels, and their bodies can resist sport-related injury.

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Performance Chiropractic vs Sports Medicine

Sports chiropractic is a type of sports medicine. Sports medicine is not a specialty itself, but rather a term that covers many types of specialties that work with athletes. These include:

As for sports chiropractors, their expertise goes beyond the doctoral graduate degree. These specialists have completed specialized postgraduate courses and have industry-specific knowledge. Their competencies include exercise science, sports injury rehabilitation and prevention, and more.

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Do athletes use chiropractors?

Sports chiropractors are popular among athletes of various specializations. An official capacity in all major sports such as MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS relies on sports chiropractic care. Chiropractors travel with the US Olympic team every year as part of their staff. 

Sports team chiropractors play a huge role in keeping athletes performing. Elite athletes strive to get even 1% better over an offseason. In a game of milliseconds and centimeters, even a slight advantage can mean an edge over your competitor. ​Watch one of our NFL players get adjusted on our YouTube Channel here.

Athletes reach out to chiropractors to improve their sports performance and reduce recovery time. When our bodies are in the correct alignment, they can recover quicker and perform better.

Chiropractic Care for Local Athletes

At Lifespring Chiropractic, we work with many local athletes at all levels. We see professional and Olympic athletes, college, high school, and youth athletes. Dr. Matt works with the local universities, specifically many of the University of Texas athletes. Particularly, he works with many of their star players to help them perform at the highest level, including running back Bijan Robinson. Dr. Matt helps star running back Bijan Robinson, from the Texas Longhorns, recover from the demands of football and helps him prepare for his future in the NFL the future runs. Take a look at the chiropractic session with Bijan on our YouTube channel! A lot of professional runners, sports players and athletes from Austin and the surrounding area choose Lifespring for treating their injuries and keeping their bodies healthy. 

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Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Here are the main benefits of getting regular chiropractic care:

All these benefits make it way easier to achieve peak athletic performance.

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