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I’m a massage therapist and have been working with Dr Matt for about three months if not longer... About a month ago I came in with a painfull wrist, so he adjusted my wrist and elbow and the pain was gone! Every time I have an area of concern he seems to know exactly what needs to be addressed while explaining what he is doing and why. Dr. Matt is so passionate about his practice and the well being of his clients, he is by far the most knowledgeable, caring and effective chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I recommend Dr. Matt to all my clients. Thank you Dr. Matt, you are the best!
Lindsay L.
Matt is one of the most dedicated and skilled chiropractors I have ever met. Not only this, but he has a warm, goofy humor that helps people to feel comfortable and seen in his presence. He is truly a remarkable person, and happens to also be an amazing chiropractor! I highly recommend him!
Kendall M.
This was my first chiropractic experience after an injury, and I’m so thankful for Dr. Delgado. He helped break down his approach and explained the origin of my symptoms, visuals and take-home materials helped me understand. A really great practice- knowledgeable Dr and affective adjustments. I highly recommend him!
Sarah P.
Dr. Delgado is an excellent Chiropractor who is genuinely devoted to providing the best services for his patients. I had been in the past to other chiropractors and physicians and none of them helped me with my lower back problems. After, arriving at Dr. Delgado’s office he explained the importance of understanding the root of my lower back problems and began an adjustment treatment. After a month of treatment, the lower back pain disappeared. If you are looking for an excellent chiropractor he is your guy.
Fabian J.
On my way to South East Asia, Dr. Delgado went out of his way to to make sure he had time to make an adjustment on my neck before the long flight. He is genuine and is great at listening to his customer needs and then delivering. My favorite aspect of the visit was his knowledge and ability to talk me through exactly what and why he was doing the adjustments. Thank you, Matt.
Ryan G.
Dr. Matt comes into the hip Austin scene with Passion and Love for taking your health to a healthier level! If your goals are to be amazingly healthy in the next 365 days, see Dr. Matt. This is his Specialty!
Sara G.
Dr. Delgado genuinely cares about his patients, for him being a chiropractor is a way of life centered in the well being of his patients without the use of medication. I personally didn't believe the benefits of adjustments until Dr. Delgado adjusted me. He not only straightened my spine but would explain to me the benefits of each individual adjustment in the process. I thank him for my good Health and the fruitful conversations!
Andrés I.
I have known Dr. Delgado for years now and have been adjusted by him a number of times. He is an extremely compassionate and professional individual. I have also seen him treat numerous people on volunteering trips to India. He has the ability to transform lives. Highly recommend - 5/5!
Jagjeet K.

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